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Solar Energy and Solar Battery Storage Systems are the acknowledged way to go to save on household power costs, utilising clean energy from solar electricity with an added bonus of you being paid for any surplus energy.

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By using solar energy as a power source, you’ll lower your dependence on your energy provider, which may assist in reducing your energy bills.

If your solar power system produces more energy than you use, excess energy will feed back into the main electricity grid. When this happens, your energy provider will buy the excess energy, known as a feed-in tariff. This too may help to lower your overall energy expenses

Solar panel installation


Roof panels have photovoltaic cells or solar cells. Sunlight reaches the cells and converts the power into electrical direct current (DC).

Solar inverter installation


A Solar Inverter is an electrical converter which converts the variable direct current output solar panel into a alternating current that can be fed into an electrical grid.



Solar Panels generate electricity from sunlight. If your home doesn’t need it straight away, it’s sent to your battery for use later on.

You can use your battery stored electricity when you Solar Panels are not generating electricity and your home needs energy such on cloudy days, at night, or, most importantly, during a blackout.