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Downlights and LED lighting are a great way to add style to your interior lighting design, increase energy efficiency and save money from your lighting bill. They can last considerably longer than traditional lighting. Installing Downlights and LED lighting in your home saves on energy costs and reduces carbon emissions. BOZ ELECTRIC SERVICES can offer energy-saving LED lighting solutions. Get in touch with us today, we’re Adelaide’s lighting specialists!

BOZ Electric Services is based in Adelaide, South Australia, and services all surrounding suburbs.

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LED lighting uses around 1/3 less power than older, incandescent bulbs so they will make a real saving on your electricity bill.

LED: 25,000-50,000 hours

CFL: 8,000-15,000 hours

Halogen: 1,000-5,000

Incandescent: 1,000 hours

Down lights are a great way of changing the look and feel of any room.

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Whether you need a strong source of light directly from above or a bit of mood lighting LED downlights offer a high versatile source of light that can be applied to any type of room.

Dimmable LED downlights are a great way to dim or brighten a room depending on the occasion.

You can even select if you want all of them on in a room with one switch or you can choose to have the option to switch certain ones on at any given time. BOZ Electric Services can help you design you room lightening.

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