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Exhaust fans are commonly used to vent out unwanted odours, moisture, smoke and any contaminates that may be present in the air. Installing exhaust fans can help prevent the build-up of mould, mildew and odours and are typically installed in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries where it is necessary to forcibly vent the warm moist air outside. We can also install heat lights & fan units for bathrooms known as IXL’s. BOZ Electric Services can install new exhaust fans in your home or business. Call us on 0402 350 893 and speak to an expert!

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Exhaust fans and Rangehoods can vent cooking odours outside so that they do not linger indoors.

When the foods your cooking get smoky, the fan can help keep the air in and around the kitchen clear.


Every time you have a shower or bath, steam and moisture is generated from the warm water, which will typically end up fogging up the bathroom mirrors and producing condensation on the bathroom tiles.

If this moist air is not extracted from the bathroom it may end up contributing to problems such as damp and mould which over time can cause bigger problems.

A good quality exhaust fan will extract this air before it has a chance to turn into condensation and keep your bathroom mould and dampness free as long as it is turned on every time you have a bath or shower.

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