Retrofit Solar Battery

Retrofit Solar Battery - Your Local Experts

With a solar system already installed at your premises, you may wonder what it will take to retrofit your solar battery. Due to the rising electrical power costs, many people are currently opting for solar energy. While many will install brand new solar plus storage systems, others can retrofit batteries to an existing system. Therefore, there has never been a better time than now to look at a retrofit solar battery for your home. 

There are immense advancements and a thriving energy sector in green technology. This means that battery storage systems are more affordable and efficient than ever. At Boz Electric Services, we offer the most efficient battery storage options. We are a fully accredited Clean Energy Council company that focuses on providing our clients with the most reliable energy solutions. Our team is passionate about renewable and sustainable living for our clients. We are also ready to help you reduce your reliance on grid power. 

Retrofit Solar Battery
Retrofit Solar Battery

Considerations for a Retrofit Solar Battery

There are various considerations if you want to retrofit a solar battery to your existing PV system. For example, your system may only generate enough power to meet a small portion of your electricity needs depending on when you installed the system and whether or not you have a feed-in tariff. This will tell the best approach to size your battery storage. At Boz Electric Services, we can help you retrofit a system to optimise the value.

Whether or not your storage system size best suit your needs and budget, you may want to go off the grid at all costs. In this case, you can invest in a retrofit battery system to complement your solar PV. Our team can help you determine the optimum system size that best serves your needs. We can also help you decide on the most economically attractive option with the functionality you are interested in.

Retrofit Solar Battery - Fitting to Your Existing System

At Boz Electric Services, we know what is needed to retrofit a solar battery to your existing solar power unit. Our team can add a battery inverter, a metering unit, and the battery to your system. A battery inverter is different from a solar inverter. They both convert DC power to AC power, except a battery inverter works between a battery and your home. On the other hand, a solar inverter converts DC from the panels to AC for your home.

The retrofit will not give you the ability to install backup power. However, you can use the power stored in the battery system when the solar panels are not producing any power. The professionally installed metering unit senses what is happening, thus storing and drawing power at the appropriate time. We install each battery inverter compatible with its metering unit, mounted near or in your switchboard.