Hybrid Solar Adelaide

Your Preferred Hybrid Solar Installer in Adelaide

As Adelaide’s leading hybrid solar installer, Boz Electrical Services offers finely-tuned residential and commercial systems. We are locally based, making us conversant with the Australian weather conditions. This is a critical factor when installing a solar system within your premises. Therefore, you can consult with our team for the right system for your needs. Having been in the solar installations field for many years, we know that quality installation gives the best outputs in terms of energy.

Coupled with our skills and state-of-the-art equipment for the work, you can rely on our team for the most reliable solutions. At Boz Electrical Services, we know that a solar installation is a significant financial investment hence the need for durable solutions. We install, adhering to the highest standards and offer sustainable reliability and performance. Our team is also fully qualified and licensed, giving you peace of mind that your project will be in the most professional hands.

Hybrid Solar Adelaide
Hybrid Solar Adelaide

Quality Hybrid Solar in Adelaide

Due to our commitment to quality, we ensure that we provide quality hybrid solar to our clients in Adelaide. We ensure that all the system components meet the highest standards for reliability and durability. Therefore, we do not go for any products. We source from reputable brands that have been well researched and manufacture products that can endure the Australian weather conditions. Our team is friendly, and you will enjoy the quality workmanship we provide along the way.


At Boz Electrical Services, we educate our clients on the different solar technology and help them choose the best system that can serve their needs. Our hybrid solar consultants are available whenever you need us, and we will ensure that you get the right solar panel and inverters for your home or business. Therefore, we can help you make a switch to a hybrid solar if enormous electrical bills cripple your business.

Why Install Hybrid Solar with Boz Electrical Services in Adelaide?

At Boz Electrical Services, our team can design and install a hybrid solar for you in Adelaide, regardless of your location. If you wish to make a savings plan through a solar installation, we are the team to call to reduce your reliance on on-grid power. Besides providing a reliable saving platform through the installation, your solar can act as a future investment. Our solutions come with battery storage to ensure that you can utilise the excess power generated by your system.


As a result, we can help you enjoy an uninterrupted power supply within your premises. A hybrid solar minimises your overdependence on the grid. In case of an electrical power blackout, you will not spend money on generator fuelling and the other hassles that accompany power blackouts. Let our team install that quality backup battery and inverter to reduce your over-reliance on the grid-connected system.

Hybrid Solar Adelaide
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Our Promise to You

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  • Keep you abreast of changes in regulations and products available.
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  • Clean-up of the work site when the project is completed.
  • Any changes will be discussed with you before they are carried out.
  • BOZ Electric Services will complete full testing of your project.